Indah Puspitaningtyas, M.Pd

Inspirasi Story - Cell division is a natural process for cells to form tissues and organs to become an organism. You and all of us are called organisms because we have 37.2 trillion cells that make our body up inch by inch since we were still in our mother's womb.

According to Sci American 2021, every second, your body's cells divide into 3.8 million cells. Every 24 hours a total of 330 billion cells replace a similar number of damaged cells.

From cell division we learn that to become great you must share. Every cell organelle, including chromosomes (DNA), shares two to be passed on to new cells.

There is a saying "Sharing never loses". Everything you share can be small for you but big for those you give. Everything you share will be multiplied, especially if what you share is good.

You wanna change your life? Start by sharing something: it can be anything.

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