Naila S. A., S.Ag

Inspirasi Story - One day, there is a boy and his father on the train. In front of them, there is a couple. 

On the way, this boy said to his father, "Dad, Look at that cloud, its very beautiful." 

His father just smile, but the couple said, "Its just a cloud, why are you so happy?"

This boy not respond and keep said to this father again, "Dad, Look at the bird etc. its so amazing."

He repeat again and again. 

Finally, this couple said, "It look like you have to take this boy to the doctor."

And than his father said, "Yes, I did. We are just coming from the doctor / hospital. My son was blind from birth and he just got this eye today."

From this story, we can make conclusion "Don't judge people happiness before you know them."

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